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Meet Our Powerful Female Facilitators

Committed to supporting the next wave of women leaders, our renowned facilitators will grounded space for various workshops and group activities.

Julia Hesse



Julia is an Earth-based ceremonialist and has studied a wide variety of practices with exceptional teachers for over 40 years. She has been teaching and serving clients for over 30 years.

Her modalities include: Tarot, Contemporary Shamanic Practices; the Enneagram; Ceremonial Design; Ecstatic Dance; and Sound Liberation-Awakening the Authentic Voice.

She is the co-creator and producer of the Living Tarot Oracle that was based in Durango, Colorado and continues in different forms in Oregon.  She excels at using different modalities to liberate the Essence of who you are. 

Phyllis Moses

dance & movement

We all have a spark of Divinity within us. Let’s find that embodiment and wake it up with our movements. Together we’ll  be exploring Sacred Dance and movements with the elements as we call on the Divine Feminine within.

Dancing together in circles and walking our beauty walk we learn to feel our power,  grace, and place on this Earth.

Phyllis Moses has been in private practice in the healing arts for 28 years, and leading circles of Sacred Dance for the past 11 years.  www.phyllismoses.com

Brenda Bryan

drumming journey, journaling, mask making and ritual 

I am a seeker, a change agent, a student of life. 

This Wild Women and Magic Retreat is a dream, a vision, a hundred voices speaking to me.  Now, now is the right time to rally a community of women to take another big step in the direction of deep healing, radical self-love and changing the frequency of how we create this new world order. 

During this Retreat I be facilitating the setting of the container, I be taking you on the journey of becoming. The dreaming of the life we truly want to live and the letting go of all things that are stopping you from fully embodying your souls’ purpose. I be leading you with drumming journey, journaling, mask making and ritual and so much more. 

Anna Axlund

Yoga, Meditation, Sound Bath, Conscious Creation 

My path to personal healing and spiritual growth began as early as I can remember.  Affected by chronic fatigue and widespread pain by my early thirties, I set out to learn how I may heal myself naturally.  Exercise, nutrition and other therapeutic services were all very helpful on this journey.  However, none of these served me better than discovering my deepest truths and trusting my own inner knowing.

I support others on their journeys by providing a safe, non-judgmental space for reflection, insight and personal development. Learn more at intuneholisticwellness.net.

I will be leading morning yoga and meditation, an evening sound bath, and a workshop about the Art of Conscious Creation.